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Better returns on your existing investment apartment

Do you live interstate and have an inner Melbourne apartment that you want to stay in for only a few weeks or so each year? How can you do this, and achieve a good return on your investment? Have you thought about renting out your apartment in between your stays, but real estate agents can’t help you? Do you want a better return on your inner-Melbourne apartment?   Why wouldn’t you do something that:

  • gives you a better return on yourinvestment (than you can achieve with long-term leases),
  • allows you to use the property yourself when you want to,
  • allows your property to be inspected weekly, to avoid major damage occurring (instead of six-monthly, as occurs with many long-term rentals), and
  • places your investment property in the hands of managers who specialise in this specialised market (instead of with those who are only used to long-term leases)
  • never suffers rental loss from tenants not paying their rent
  • has 20-30% less wear and tear on your property than long-term rentals?

Don’t take our word for it. Many of these clients are still with us after almost more than four years:

Bryce & Sally Strachan, Mt Gambier, SA, December 2018

We have rented our apartment through Chris and the team at StayCentral for more than four years now.  StayCentral has been able to consistently achieve excellent returns for us over this time.  More importantly the StayCentral team have made sure our apartment has been kept in excellent condition for the use of guests and ourselves.  Knowing our investment is in safe hands when we live interstate is very reassuring.  Chris makes himself available when required and communication has been open and of a high standard between ourselves and StayCentral.  We would highly recommend StayCentral to manage your property.


Dan Liu, Hong Kong, Nov 2017

On a very brief visit to Melbourne in 2016, I picked StayCentral to manage my CBD apartment as a short-stay property, simply because they appeared on top of my internet search results. Chris was extremely helpful in setting my apartment up after I returned to Hong Kong, and I have since been earning well in excess of anything I could have earned with a long-term tenant in it. StayCentral even manages all my utilities, rates and OC fees etc for me at no extra cost. I never need to lift a finger with this investment property. I’m so pleased I found StayCentral as they are so easy to find and work with.

Jeff and Lexie. Port Melbourne, Victoria, January 2017

We would like to recommend Chris McDonald and his team at StayCentral as property managers for anyone considering short stay renting their home or apartment. We had a B&B business for many years, and know this industry very well, so we we very well-informed and fussy about who we wanted to manage our property.

StayCentral quickly achieved a 90% occupancy rate for us and they are a very professional team in every aspect.

Terry Kennedy, 
East Melbourne, Victoria, November 2016
I have been a client of StayCentral Serviced Apartments for 2 years and have been very impressed with their level of professional service and management of my property.

The company is very experienced in the short-stay market, and have achieved a high occupancy rate together with excellent room rates. I have no hesitation in recommending them.


Paul Houlihan, Balmain, NSW, Feb 2012. 

We tried to manage our short stay apartment using a manager and some well known accommodation sites, buthad dismal results. When we switched across to StayCentral and they assisted us to integrate with their Group, our income from this unit increased by around 80%. We appreciate that sounds too good to be true, but that is what has happened for us.


Joyce Lindsay, Mandurah, WA, March 2012.  

After some research and enquiry, I contacted StayCentral to

  1. A) Stay at one of their apartments and experience their professionalism, and
  2. B) have the chance to ask their advice on buying an investment apartment.

I found the owner, Chris, to be very obliging and forthcoming with his very helpful advice. Since I made a purchase, Chris has always been there to offer his advice during the re-furnishing and decorating. I also found Chris extremely good with the management of my new apartment.


Bryce & Sally Strachan, Mt Gambier, SA, November 2014

  We sought the expertise of Chris at StayCentral after two failed attempts with other agencies. We were initially impressed with Chris’s enthusiasm, commitment to our property and helpful advice in setting up our apartment. We were also impressed with the positive feedback left by guests about the StayCentral experience on Trip Advisor. Chris was able to take reservations for our apartment immediately. Our apartment was fully booked well in advance within the first few months! We highly recommend StayCentral’s policies for both guests and property owners and have found the lines of communication between us and the StayCentral team to be friendly and accessible. We appreciate that our property is being maintained to a high standard by the StayCentral team. We would have no hesitation in recommending StayCentral to manage your property for short-term-stays.    


Luisa Fioravanti, Lathlain, WA, December 2014

Chris McDonald is an exceptional apartment manager. He deals with guests in a professional and poised manner. If and when problems arise, he is quick to sort them out and does so in a convenient and timely fashion. The apartment in Melbourne looks outstanding due to Chris’ management and classy ideas on how it should be dressed. He is attentive when it comes to the needs of guests and deals with feedback in the best way possible. I have full confidence in accepting any and all advice Chris and his team give me. The proof is in the appearance of the refurbished apartment, the returns that they are achieving for me, and the fact that I have just listed my second apartment with the StayCentral group. I can certainly recommend Stay Central.  


                              Call StayCentral today on 040 111 9429 or email us here for more information 

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